Episode 47: Love and Relationships While Autoimmune. In this episode we speak to Tracy A. Todd, author and autoimmune advocate, who shares her story of living and loving with multiple sclerosis. Tracy tells us about her health challenges over several years, dating, marriage,  and two children who together build up a force of love, protection, and wellness despite MS.

Learn more about author Tracy A. Todd and her book, When the Body Says No - A Learn, Laugh, Love Story: https://www.amazon.com/When-Body-Says-No-Learn-ebook/dp/B00771MN00/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=tracy+a+todd&qid=1581919980&sr=8-14

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Episode 46: When Your Significant Other Becomes Your Caregiver

This month we discuss various topics about love and autoimmune living. When you have a significant other in your life, the diagnosis and changes to health and living can substantially affect them as well. In this episode, we speak to the husband of Dr. April Moreno, who talks about his experience of becoming a caregiver in their relationship. He discusses his experience of processing his spouse's autoimmune relapse, diagnosis, and life changes.

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What does it mean to love yourself and to love your body despite an autoimmune or chronic condition? We discuss this topic in this week's episode of the Sisterhood of Limitless Living while simultaneously going through Shannon Kaiser's book, The Self-Love Experiment. What we find are that the principles of acceptance, listening in, and learning from our intuitive selves are the keys to self-love and self (auto) healing.

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Episode 44 marks the last talk in the January series on Hope. In this episode, Dr. April discusses the importance of hope as the catalyst and the gas in the car in the motivation for living well. Dr. April also discusses the importance of positivity and desire in moving us forward, and also the importance of identifying our life desires in those proactive goals for life design in the year and decade ahead.

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Episode 43: Proactive Life Design for the new year. This is part 3 of the series on Getting Real about the New Year.

You are the captain and navigator of your life, and proactive living is crucial for health and well being with an autoimmune or chronic condition. In this episode, Dr. April shares some key questions and strategies for proactive life design for your ideal year, and decade ahead.

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This episode is the 2nd part of the series on Getting Real About the New Year and is about being proactive. In the face of challenges and struggles, what is the process of action that you choose to continue with?  Leadership theory states that everyone is a leader in some way, and influences the people around them at some level. What words and actions do you choose to express to those that you surround yourself with? Dr. April talks about the importance of connecting to your individual and inspired purpose as the essence of existence and shares some inspiration and reflection from Gabby Bernstein's book, Super Attractor on life purpose. 

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Happy New Year, Sisterhood. Though many of us celebrated the beginning of 2020, some started out in a different place. As thrivers of chronic illness in the real world, the new year does not always magically begin at midnight with the end of all of troubles.

In this episode, Dr. April talks about some of the common new year practices of affirmations, resolutions, core desired feelings (designed by Danielle LaPorte), or vision boarding practices. At the same time, we discuss the challenges that individuals in the community began the new year with.  How do you continue with the vision for your year, decade, and life in the midst of unexpected challenges? This is part 1 of a 3-part series on the theme of real talk and hope in the new year.

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In this last episode of 2019, we discuss the year in review of the first several months of the Sisterhood of Limitless Living podcast. Dr. April shares the inspiration behind starting the podcast and how the Little Women of Atlanta reality show inspired her to get started podcasting.

We go through the highlights of the past several months of episodes, summarizing some of the inspiring and supportive conversations shared with other women in the autoimmune community, in addition to discussing some of the other talks over the year involving therapies, research, information, and advocacy for autoimmune wellness.

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In this special episode on the power of hope and light at Christmas, Dr. April talks about the importance of recognizing light, hope, and the power of healing for autoimmune conditions. In this episode we also discuss the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe when the episode was recorded and its connections to Catholicism, indigeneity, and Mexican culture as part of the holiday season. In addition, Dr. April shares some quotes on light, hope and healing from Gabby Bernstein and others.

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I created an online course in Autoimmune Mindful Wellness to help women get their autoimmune condition under control, get to a place of calm and awareness, manage pain, and change thoughts of fear and anxiety into calm, peace, and insight.

The course was designed specifically for women going through autoimmune or undiagnosed health challenges. Share with women you know who may be going through health conditions of fatigue, pain, anxiety and gaining a foundational understanding of how mindfulness can benefit the symptoms of autoimmune disease. ❤️





Have you been curious about hypnosis and what it can do to improve quality of life? In this episode we speak to Chantelle Neufeld, who is a hypnotherapist in Canada and mom of 3 teenage daughters. She talks about what hypnosis is, what it can do, and how it helps people with mental health improvement in addition to pain reduction among other countless benefits.

To learn more about hypnotherapy with Chantelle, visit  www.chantellen.com and Instagram at @MindfulRegeneration.

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